Smart Transportation - Community-based navigation and infotainment

The theme of this meetup is the navigation, social navigation and infotainment solutions that are actively used in everyday life and can change the way transport will work in the future.

We will learn how Waze contributes to smart cities as a direct link between transport providers and passengers. An introduction of NNG, a company started in Hungary will follow, which has developed into one of the leading global companies in the automotive industry, thanks to their strategy and unique software solutions.

6 PM, May 25, 2016
Nagyerdei Víztorony (Nagyerdei Víztorony)
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18.00 – Debrecen Smart City - Announcement

18.30 - Dr. Nagy Marcell - Waze - Community-based navigation - How do the Waze build primer relation between the coordinators and the participants of the local transportation and how is it helps on the Smart City development.

19.00 - Csepinszky András - NNG - Navigation and infotainment - The connection of the intelligent transportation systems and the Smart City conception. The influence for the daily life.

19.30 - DEIK Smart City researcher team: Dr. habil. Ispány Márton, Dr. Bátfai Norbert, Dr. Jeszenszky Péter, Besenczi Renátó. Smarter Debrecen on the Map. IoT tools at the measurement of the transportation.