Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2015/008

Purpose / Description

The aim of this program is to service tourists and visitors on higher quality standards, to make common online contents freely accessible like, social media sites, video distributors, skype and other online platforms.

Process / Execution

The Wi-Fi can be accessed in the pedestrian zone from the „Csonka templom” to the „Emlékkert” city district, in the „Hal köz” mall, the Baltazár Dezső square, in front of the Forum Shopping Centre on the Csapó street and in the Great Forest around Lake Békás.  At least 256 Kbps broadband internet can be accessed per end-points.


Network provided by 16 high performance Wi-Fi routers and 2 outdoor towers. 
The devices connected to the optical network. 
Most of the devices installed on either already established street lamps or newly built pillars.
The constant maintenance of the system by regular contact with the internet providers and the provision of the subscription.

Partners involved

The local government of Debrecen.


The system was operated in test mode until the end of 2013 June, there were some temporary shutdowns and the covered area could have changed. Normal operation began from July. The service can be accessed on the most popular tourism locations, in the Downtown and in the Great Forest. 


The project adheres to Debrecen’s Smart City strategy. This infrastructure improvement strengthens the image of Debrecen as a modern city, thanks to the city Wi-Fi the residents, tourists and visitors can easily access online contents and apps which make the time they spend in Debrecen more enjoyable and comfortable.

Small Church to Memorial Garden
Hal köz
Baltazár Dezső Square
Fórum Shopping Centre, Csapó Str
Parkerdő-Békás tó