Debrecen's first Smart Zebra Crossing

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2016/001

Purpose / Description

The aim of the Project was to improve safety measures around pedestrian crossings that are quite busy, but have no traffic lights. This was done to minimalize the chances of any accidents and improve the citizens’ sense of security.

Process / Execution

Sensors had been installed on both sides of the crossing, which send signals to LED lights installed right next to the zebra crossing. The LEDs blink with white lights, signaling to the motorists that they need to slow down, since the pedestrian has priority to cross.


Pearl Enterprises’ products, which consist of sensors and LED lights, the connection between the two and a reliable power source.

Partners involved

  • EDC Debrecen’s Smart City team
  • Pearl Enterprises
  • Debreceni Megyei Jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivatala
  • E.ON


A smart apparatus, which requires no operation or supervision, which assists everyone in traffic, every minute of the year.


The project integrates well into the Debrecen Smart City strategy, since it’s a vital area in the development of both traffic and public security. The installation of further pedestrian crossings like these is in the works.

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