DIM Online Interface

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2018/012

Purpose / Description

 This Project’s goal is to provide a more convenient method of payment for parents and eventually students. It is meant to take care of catering for children all the way from créches to secondary schools.



  • Website: https://www.diminfo.eu/

Process / Execution

  • Each month, during a payment period (1-10), using OTP’s secure payment method through the DIM Online interface, the parent takes care of payment using his/her payment card, for multiple children if necessary.
  • All wire transfers can be monitored
  • All receipts are available in digital form
  • The interface provides options to register certain changes


  • Registration, which has been automatically completed for e-mail addresses already in the database
  • Payment card

Partners involved

  • Debreceni Intézményműködtető Központ
  • OTP Bank (SimplePay)


  • Canteen payments can be made online, from the comfort of one’s home
  • Information regarding children’s catering (conditions for entitlement, change of address, other changes) are easily accessible and customizable from home.
  • Those who enter during their créche years remain in the database all the way to the end of secondary school and need not bother with any further steps.
  • The system takes care of 18 thousand children’s’ catering needs


This service is completely unique in Hungary. Aside from debit card payment, all other errands are managed simply and smoothly in a single interface.