Energy Mushroom

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2015/004

Purpose / Description

A street device capable of recharging social smart tools with solar panels. The „Energy Mushroom” provides opportunity, in the downtown, to recharge smart phones and tablets rapidly, six devices at the same time.

Process / Execution

The “Energy Mushroom” is a solar paneled energy storage device which operates through the whole day thanks to its battery. It gathers the data of collected and used energy, the number and types of charged phones and you can follow it online to see if there is a free recharger. Besides the vandal-proof design, we considered weather conditions too, so the users can use it comfortably even in the rain.


  • Energy storage units and solar panels required for the device
  • The hull of the “Energy Mushroom”, metal frame covered with composite case
  • Permissions for installment
  • Camera monitoring to ensure the safety of the device
  • Online interface for the following of utilization and to provide public information
  • Competency and capacity for the data analyzation

Partners involved

National Instruments, City of Debrecen, EDC Debrecen.


The residents of Debrecen can meet with a real and immediately usable practical smart solution. The “Energy Mushroom” helps Debrecen’s Smart City endeavors to be published in the local, national and international media.


The project adheres to Debrecen’s Smart City strategy. The results can be beneficially communicated and helps the communication of the city’s energy policy.