Smart Citizen

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2015/005

Purpose / Description

To facilitate the development of a community in Debrecen which will support the Smart City endeavors, to provide space for the evolution of bottom-up approaches and to ensure the efficient flow of information between the project initiators.

Process / Execution

The visitors can take part in presentations about our seven key areas on the monthly Start City Meetup events. On the Debrecen Smart City Facebook page we strive to develop discussions with sharing professional articles and presenting the smart solutions of Debrecen, meanwhile on Twitter we prioritize the international image of Debrecen.


The assembling of constantly updated databases for the organization of events that can help us to reach the target groups. The cooperation with other organizations that pursue the same activities.

Partners involved

The programs are organized by the staff of EDC Debrecen who are also managing the online interface.


The Debrecen Smart City Facebook page informs its follower’s regularly about topics in connection with Smart City progression and it helps them get to know new expressions and trends. In the present the Debrecen Smart City page has the largest smart city community in Hungary. On Twitter the Debrecen Smart City profile has 70 followers. The Debrecen Smart City Meetup has more than 150 online members and the meetings in person regularly have 40-70 participants. More than 200 participants joined our 4 programs which we organized together with the local government for NGOs. During the preparations an up-to-date contact list was created with e-mail addresses and phone numbers.


The socialization of the Smart City concept was welcomed continuously and positively by local residents and those who are interested. The participations on the programs and the online followings shows us the need for this activity and the presenting of new instruments and concepts.


The improvement of the residents’ digital literacy primarily is not done through training but through raising interest and introducing basic guidelines. The topics connecting with programs are related to all of the key areas and the related city endeavors to improve the services.


All of the elements pending implementation, investments, developments related to the Smart City concept prepares the continuous and efficient social communication.

Nagyerdei Víztorony
Debrecen, Pallagi út 7.