Ticket vending machines

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2015/016

Purpose / Description

The DKV zrt. installed 10 ticket vending machines along 2nd Tram line as part of the project called „Debrecen urban tram network improvement (Line 2)”. With putting the machines into service, normal and season tickets can be purchased easily and in a simple manner 24/7.

Process / Execution

The machines, apart from dispensing tickets, also provide general information in multiple languages about the public transportation fare vouchers, the terms and conditions of their purchase, their usage and their validity. The services provided by these machines can be accessed by the passengers at 10 different stations. The machines commissioning started on 2015. July 6. and during the 30 days of test period passengers could use the machines in their fully operating state.


The project was realized from the tender funds of „Debrecen urban tram network improvement (Line 2)” - KÖZOP-5.2.0-07-2008-0001.

Partners involved

DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt., AQUIS IT Services Kft.


The use of the non-stop active, touchscreen machines is extremely easy, with a few taps we can buy nearly any fare vouchers usable on the transports of DKV zrt. The machines accept coins and even high-denomination banknotes and can provide change if needed furthermore they also accept credit cards. The machine is capable of dispensing simplified invoices if an account number is entered. This account number can be acquired by passengers and companies via prior registration in person at Customer Service, by entering this account number an invoice can be printed out with one button press after purchase.


The installment of ticket vending machines was an essential step in one crucial element of the creation of a livable city, the development of an efficient and simple public transportation system. The machines are not only easily used by locals but by students and tourists coming from abroad, visiting our city, because the purchase of fare vouchers can be done in 8 languages. The project supports the informing of tourists and provides the possibility to be expanded with any other services that need safety paper printing.

Kálvin Square
Csemete Str
Nádor Str
Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Secondary School
Árpád Vezér Primary School
Károlyi Mihály Str
Dienes László Secondary School
Dózsa György Str
Hunyadi János Str