WAZE community based map application

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2017/003

Purpose / Description

The purpose of this Project is to help make Debrecen’s traffic faster and more dynamic. Using the WAZE social navigation application everyone can save 5 minutes of travel time and avoid speed cameras. With the help of WAZE, you can have the most detailed road map of Debrecen.

Process / Execution

Simply by running WAZE while driving, we provide staggering amounts of real-time data about our roads to the community. We may also actively report accidents, hazards, roadside checks and other occurrences we may encounter on the road. Others can provide us with warnings and we can also find the cheapest gas stations. Even better, we may add friends, share our destinations or continuously inform others of our estimated time of arrival.


On smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android the application runs smoothly, using small amounts of data and completely free of charge. The day-to-day use of WAZE is incredibly simple, anyone can learn it in a few minutes.

Partners involved

  • EDC Debrecen’s Smart City team
  • Municipality of Debrecen
  • WAZE


Currently, the community based map of WAZE has the most detailed overview of Debrecen’s road map, which includes point of interests (POI), real-time traffic data and the exact locations of speed cameras, all dedicated to help navigate motorists through Debrecen from point A to point B in the quickest route, saving time and money .

The application is available to download through the following links:




The project fits perfectly into Debrecen’s Smart City strategy, since mobility is one of our most important focus-areas. The ever-growing number of users helps traffic in our city become even more dynamic.