The concept of Debrecen Smart city is to establish an intelligent, innovative, livable, effective, sustainable, smart, healthy and rich city. The city works together with the business and voluntary sectors, public utility companies, advisors, the University of Debrecen, and international organizations to deal with day-to-day tasks through innovative, eco-conscious technological solutions and to reach the city’s long-term goals. The Smart City team, using smart solutions, focuses on the following seven areas 

Digital literacy

Debrecen – Prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Every citizen of Debrecen has the legal right to obtain digital literacy. Our objective is to ensure that the locals, in accordance with protecting their personal data, could use their smart devices confidently and use them to make their day-to-day activities easier through the accessible smart solutions, may these activities be e-administration or videoconferencing with relatives.


Debrecen – A green and economic city. We are determined to seek out and use smart solutions that would reduce the city’s, and also the residents’, consumption of water and energy per capita. By using cutting edge technology we limit the energy demand of the city’s institutes thus reducing their operating cost. With the active involvement of the locals we can access measuring and assessing systems that help in both analyzing household energy and water consumption and developing austerity programs.


Debrecen – Dynamic streets, in motion. We incorporate smart devices into the city’s infrastructure to help and improve traffic management, plannability, and to contribute to a dynamic, accident free traffic on the streets of Debrecen. Our future city development plans are in harmony with traffic management thus further improving the city’s livability.