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András Csepinszky

Intelligent Transportation .pptx

The presentation is around the theme of „connected assisted driver”, which reviews the challenges of present and the future trends of trade technologies. It also gives a picture of technological regulations and the european political, legal background.  The presentation is about the intelligent transportation system in connection with the „smart city” concept, highlighting the every day effects of this area.

Csilla Pogácsás

SmartUp Debrecen .pdf

For the growing number of citizens need a larger and more dynamic service system in the area of civil services. The Smart City can reach a bigger audience nowadays, and the Smart City is in connection with the dynamic development in cities with technical materials, the innovative utilization of resources and also lower running costs. All of this creates a sustainable development while protects the environment and creates an aligned corporation between the participants.

Hungarian Urbanization Society

Cities in Action Reflecting Global Economic Challenges and Technological Trends with Special Reference to the Smart City Concept .pdf

In accordance with the rearrangement of the world in the 21st century, the role of cities and spatial issues is growing in the economy. Although previously a limited number of professionals , such as planners, geographers, urban sociologists had been dealing with urban issues, now we clearly per- ceive that these issues a ract much wider a ention.