Smart energetics management

Citizens City Government Technology
Number: SCP/2015/009

Purpose / Description

The aim of the project is to create a smart energetics management system that can facilitate the energy efficiency in all of the buildings owned by the local government. The first priority of this system is to reduce the energy consumption of the city’s institutions and to facilitate the planning of the energetics modernizations in the future.

Process / Execution

The Energy management subsystem measures and monitors in real time the energy consumption of the real estates possessed and managed by DMJV to facilitate seeking out energy consumption reduction opportunities and the planning of interventions which can reduce energy consumption. Beyond the 30% energy saving which is provided by the passive elements built in during the renovation (insulation, brand new doors and windows) with the real time monitoring of energy consumption and their active management (in case of remote management anomalies) we can achieve further 20-30% saving.


Data providing smart devices, a server architecture that can store and analyze the data, client-side solutions which can make the interpretation and analyzation of the data accessible and easy to process for the energy experts, and for the human resources experts who are responsible for the monitoring.

Partners involved

The urban development team of the EDC Smart City, the experts of the local government of DMJV, the city council, the local building industry and freelance external consultants.


In the present, the whole structure is in the planning phase with particular regards to the unique demands of the different buildings.


The establishing of an energy management system will enable to reach the 80% CO2 reduction rate specified by the EU until 2050 in the city. The next step within the framework of SECAP is the 40% CO2 reduction until 2030. Approved by SECAP the city would be eligible for further EU funds.